Welcome to Boom Blast. This game is an arcade style bullet hell featuring multiple types of bombs. The main goal of the game is to survive as long as possible without touching the flames or getting hit by a bombs explosion. Most bombs can be pushed away as long as they aren't red(GONNABLOWUP!!!). The game features Singleplayer and a Local-Multiplayer


Player1/Blueplayer: Arrow Keys

Player2/Redplayer: W,A,S,D

Return to titlescreen: ESC

Types Of Bombs

Bomb - Single explosion

Babomb - Large explosion & Shakes Screen

Phantom Bomb - Moves on its own and explodes on collision w/ player

Saviour Bomb - You know when you see one

Flame - Wanders the field and dies on collision w/ explosion

I hope everybody enjoys playing my game :)


This game was made using Stencyl

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